Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my 15 minutes survey

Assalamualaikum reader(s) ..

hari neyh aku telah menjawab soalan yang di kirimkan oleh blogger ini .. dan keseluruhan soalannya ak copy & paste saje .. harap maklum ..  jangan banyak bunyi lagi , jom test tahap intelektual aku .. haha 

Starting time : 4.17 pm
Name : i am a life learner
Brother(s) : Ada 4 orang abang...
Eye's colour :definately black

Shoe's size : 6 (saiz kaki orang dewasa)

Hair : black

Piercing : None

What are you wearing right now? : jeans with long sleeve blouse --> baru balik bejalan ! ahakss ..

Where do you live now? : At Perak
Favorite number : 3 , 7 , 10

Favorite drink : honey dew juice , sky juice :)

Favorite breakfast :  nasi lemak

Broken a bone : none until this moment ...

Been in a police car : nope..

Fallen for a friend : erm...i was remembered bout.......

Fallen for a guy in a short period of time : no , it takes a long time to fall in love , i meant true love !

Swam in the ocean : dont know how to swim ..! haha
Fallen asleep in school : sometimes ..

Broken someone's heart :emm , yes .. ---> i have to ..!

Cried when someone died : i have to be strong ..!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : sometimes... no doubt ..! hehe

Saved e-mails : Yes

Been cheated on : a few times , and honestly , i hate it ..!


What your room like? : i wish it will look like a palace .. could it ..?
What is right besides you? : my lovely bed ..

What is the last thing you ate? : erm...nasi with ayam masak kicap ... love it .. really traditional rite ? huhu ..


Who did you last yell at? : kelabu ... --> a cat

Who was the last person you dance with? : never dance with someone before .. huhu ..

Who last made you smile? : my uncle .. with all his lawak bodoh .. =.="

Final questions...

What are you listening right now? : message's tone
What did you do today? :messaging , calling , blogging , facebooking etc ..
Are you the oldest : in my family , of course not ...!

Indoors or outdoors? :  outdoors .!

Today you did...
Talk to someone you like? : no

Kiss anyone? : yup ! my mom .. today is her birthday .. love u ibuu ..!

Sing? : when i felt bored..

Talk to an EX? :  nope...

Miss anyone? : Yaaa..All my friends....

Eat? : just ate my homemade tiramisu ... ---> it taste good .! haha

Last person who...

You talked to on phone : my friend

Made you cry : no one

You went the mall with : my family

Who cheered up you : My friends & family of course

Have you...

Been to Mexico? : No.
Been to USA? : No.


Have a crush on someone? : erm...

What book are you reading right now? : act , im answering ur question & i have no time to read any books ... --> boleh terima ke ? haha
Best feeling in the world : peace....

Future kids name : erm... i have to marry first , then i'll discuss it with my husband .. may i answer it any sooner...? :)
Do you sleep with with a stuffed animal? : No.

What is under your bed? : nothing

Favourite sport (s) : netball & volleyball sometimes
Favorite place (s) : Home sweet Home

Who do you really hate? : cheater ..!!
Do you have a job? : waiting for my spm's result

What time is it now? :4.43 pm

akhirnya...habis jugak!!!  thanks kepada yang tag....

With however long it took you to complete this,
post as My __ Minutes Survey and tag 15 peoples.
apa kata , sape yang na buat , buat  je ? hehe .. mekasih :)

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